Military Products

Wilorco has been an award winning supplier of high reliability power supplies to the Military and Prime Contractors for over 50 years. Our company has provided various power MIL-STD solutions to demanding military programs including the Virginia Class Submarine, F-18, Phylanx, NASA Voyager and many others.

Our power systems are designed to comply to various military input power specifications including: MIL-STD-704 (Air Force), MIL-STD-1299 (Army), and MIL-STD-1399 (Navy). Our power solutions are qualified to various requirements defined in MIL-STD-810 (Environmental Test Methods), MIL-STD-461 (EMI), MIL-STD-901 (High Impact Shock). Our magnetics are designed to MIL-PRF-27 and conformal coating meets IPC-J-STD-001, IPC-A-610 or NASA-STD-8739.1. Based on our customer/partner program requirements, our power solutions will meet the required Acceptance Testing, Burn-In, and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) specified. As an example, our custom and standard rugged power conversion products are utilized in harsh environments throughout the world. Our solutions include Build-to-Print customer designed product requirements, AC to DC Military and Hi Rel Power Supplies, DC to DC Converters, DC to AC Inverters, TWTA, and High Power Solutions.



Mobile System Supply

4 Outputs

Application: VME Bus Mobile System

This ruggedized 200 watt power supply powers a VME Bus Mobile System. The outputs of this module can be sequenced. It utilizes COTS components.

Shipboard Supply

5 Outputs

Application: Shipboard Gun Control

This power supply is a Full Mil 5 output, 765 watt system. The supply is ruggedized, conformal coated and meets MIL-STD-889 and 454.

Navy Nuclear Submarine Power Supply

6 DC Outputs
120/208V, 400Hz, 3PH Output

Application: Navy Submarine Fire Power Control

This 7 output supply is available with over 2500 watts, 28 volts and is suited for harsh environments. The unit is initially powered from the aircraft 3-phase AC input and then to the missile batteries after launching.

Ruggedized Supply

7 Outputs

Application: Air To Ground Missile

This high density power supply provides 7 outputs at 530 watts, 28 volts and is suited for harsh environments. The unit is initially powered from the aircrafts 3-phase AC input and then to the missile batteries after launching.


Proven performance for Military applications

Application: Monitor Series converter modules

have a leading edge over the competition in both performance and MTBF. Our advanced technology has developed 4:1 input voltage, high efficiency and high input / output isolation. The modules can be paralleled and are for use in fault tolerant and distributed power systems. Our Modules are single, dual and triple output DC to DC converters designed for harsh military environments which satisfy MIL-STD-810 and NAVSO P-3641A. They are available in several levels from full MIL-STD to Ruggedized industrial.


Traveling wave tube power supplies for radar applications

Application: TWT Series of Travelling Wave Tube

power supplies are light weight, compact and offer high performance. The series is comprised of four models at 800, 1600, 2400 and 3200 watts output. They are designed for high power military, marine and airport radar application. Its unique modular configuration makes it extremely versatile and a highly adaptable to extreme environments. They can be configured for local or remote operations and they have a self diagnostic system for an ease and speed of repair onsite. Wilorco can also supply the complete TWTA (Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier) System.